WSOP 2023 Day 48: Juan Maceiras 8th in Main Event, which will have a US Champion

WSOP 2023 Day 48: Juan Maceiras 8th in Main Event,...

World Series of Poker A slight change to the final table structure of the Main Event has resulted in the largest bracelet tournament in poker history remaining in the United States.

The original plan outlined in the official rules was that the first day of the final table would end with four players remaining. If that is respected, there will be at least one European player in the game, as they hold the majority of the seats 6-3. But this continued for a while until the next knockout. By this point, you’re aware that Juan Marcellas was eliminated in the wee hours of the morning.

In fact, the manner in which the Galician fell from 150m suggested that during his time at the table, he was short-stacked going into the final table during the first break of the night, which was revealed in the PokerGO broadcast. Commentators’ favorite topics.

Juan started with and he lost the first few rounds. He made three pots. First, he was up against the chip leader, who was chasing some outs that didn’t show up, as they had to throw a double to Walton, who at least didn’t miss our hero call. The Galician had common sense, checked the turn and folded the river with top pair in the next pot, which was the multi-way pot he was in on the flop. Juan’s instincts then encouraged him to try a squeeze with 53, which might work for Jachtmann’s 88 and Steven Jones’ AJ, but we’ll never know because Walton held AK and 4-bet us.

A few small pots gave Maceiras some momentum and chips back, but it was the most disastrous hand of the night. Juan opens AK and takes a 3-bet from Jones and JJ. The Spaniard responded with a 4-bet, and his opponent decided to call wisely. The flop was bad, AJx, but the American couldn’t get his entire Marcellas stack in the middle. Of course, when the blinds hit 800,000/1.6 million, our savings of 17 million won’t be enough.

Our jumper chooses the blind he wants to attack, Toby’s Lewis. He was also beaten badly. He gave us the first one. Before he could try again, Holzner, the Italian pawn who received a Main Event ticket for his birthday, gave us the bonus jump by losing to Jones’ TT via an AJ flip.

WSOP 2023 Day 48: Juan Maceiras 8th in Main Event,...

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