Who is going to be saying goodbye to us in the seventh episode of Season 2 of Winamax Live Sessions?

Winamax has recently released the latest episode of Winamax Live Sessions, now in its second season.

The latest in the French room’s rendition of the mythological series about the High Stakes cash games, a topic widely liked by the public since the irruption of poker on television at the turn of the century, takes place in the Gran Casino de Aranjuez.

Like programs like High Stakes Poker, the first season of the series—all of which is available in its entirety in our Winamax Live Sessions archive—reveals the character of certain players as they mature in front of the cameras and under extreme pressure. Those who are already well-liked by the audience, such as Yaman Nakdali and Tom Bedell, are welcome additions to the new bench.

Tom Bedell’s explanation to José Ignacio Aguilera in Aranjuez about the 72 being “not awful” and how he “earned big money in the Live Sessions” is now clear. The preceding program became an instant classic of Spanish poker television because to that hand and Ral Mestre’s spectacular call.

There was an impossible standard set, yet superb choices and even a flop appear to have been preserved in this one. See who drops out of the second season among these familiar faces.

Yaman Nakdali: I became a money player because I’m aggressive.

Ral Mestre is a legendary Spanish tactician and a former member of the country’s Hall of Fame.

Best player in the nation, Leo Margets. Professional at tournaments.

The leader of the Spanish poker scene is Adrián Mateos (Team Winamax).

The legendary Mustapha Kanit of Team Winamax. How will he get the money?

Sergio Fernandez: He still performs at festivals, but he does it in private, for pay, and out of sight of the cameras.

Manu Saavedra is now one of the most dreaded regulators in the world.

According to Tom Bedell, the inaugural season’s biggest surprise was The High Roller.

These are the regulations that will apply during the Winamax Live Sessions:

The blinds are now 50/100 with a 100 BB Ante.

UTG offers a straddle for an extra €200.

It’s up to the players at the table to determine how many cards from the flop, turn, and river should be thrown away when a player goes all-in.

Purchase in: The Ultimate Game! The new minimum buy-in is 100 blinds (or €10,000), with no cap on the maximum.

There will be no changes to the 7-2 rule. If you play NLHE and end up with the worst hand and win, your opponents will all straddle or blind you for the difference.

Episode 7 of Season 2 of Winamax Live Sessions may now be seen by everybody on YouTube.

The video may be accessed by clicking the image.

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    The text seems to be promoting the release of the latest episode of Winamax Live Sessions, a French series about high stakes cash games. It mentions some of the players featured in the series, the regulations that apply, and provides information on how to access the video.

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    This text is a promotional announcement for the latest episode of Winamax Live Sessions, a French poker series set in Gran Casino de Aranjuez. It highlights the popularity of high stakes cash games and features well-known players from the first season.

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