Thiago Martins has won the R$96,000 prize in the Suprema HighS tournament.

In Suprema, the fun never ends. Thiago Martins won R$3,000 on Monday, despite the chilly weather. The “CELTICS” account’s owner beat out 113 other entrants to win R$96,917.

In contrast, “focamestre12” proclaimed victory after a R$1,000 buy-in round of the HighS. He increased his bankroll by R$35,823 after sending 184 players packing.

Mac Afoncinho won R$35,321 after enduring longer than 1,130 competitors in the R$220 Fight.

The other winners are:

Fight for $100,000 in R$75 Buy-In (1,935 entries)

“nngmtapuro,” you’ve won R$15,145.

Costing a hefty R$ 550 HighS (173 entries)

Baccarat ($18,412) is the victor.


  • Marisa.heaney

    This text seems to be highlighting different winners and their winnings in various gaming events. It provides a quick overview of the amounts won and the number of competitors they defeated. Overall, it portrays a sense of excitement and success in these gaming events.

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