The spectacular Winamax Series Mass Start was won by M&TonCasque and RecedevusT.

Yesterday was Day 2 of the April 2023 Winamax Series, held at Winamax.fres. In all, €2.11m in prizes were awarded over 18 events with six-figure prize pools on the day. The total prize pool for all of these events was over €261k, with 14 of them offering prize pools of over €10k.

The day’s largest competitions were the Mass Start events, which ran from Sunday through yesterday night. The returns on both were quite high.

There were 2,264 participants, a €250 buy-in, and a €525,248 prize pool in the WS-18 Mass Stark KO Championship over the course of two days. By overcoming “Leroy Smith” (€42,077.75) in the HU, “M&TonCasque” took home the grand prize of €59,613.41. Below are the awards given out to the members of the final table:

With the amount of €59,613.41, “M&TonCasque” is listed.

Leroy Smith: 42 077.75 Euros.

Pgblef AssXq: 29.142.59 Euros.

Bitcoin “kid”: €20,803.88.

Cost of a “Cruiselini” in Euros is $18,323.18.

Iconito89’s total was €12,811,86.

Be nice: 7 279 85 Euros.

The WS-16 Mass Stark KO had a buy-in of €50, lasted for two days, had 8,539 entrants, and had a prize pool of €384,255. By overcoming “La Montre” (€24,269.02) in the HU, “RecedevusT” took home the grand prize of €35,417.21. Below are the awards given out to the members of the final table:

Total “RecedevusT”: €35,417.21.

For “La Montre,” the price tag is €24,269,02.

Total amount due upon “Kick&Collect”: €16,087.12.

SAUVEE1GARDE costs €12,156.32.

Cost of “Gahdahelt” is ten thousand euro ($10,100.86).

Euro 6,421.02 for “elyeri666.”

The price tag for being a “butyrophobe” is 4,998.77 euro.

Two additional players should be included here as well.

The WS-31 NLHE – 6 Max – Monster Stack tournament was won by “R.NADAL23,” who took home a prize of €20,011.28 as a result.

Then “beloemore” took down the WS-44 NLHE – KO (€4,560.37) and the Tea Time (€3,833.35) to round off the night with a double online victory.

Eight events had prize pools more than €100,000:

€384,255 for a WS-16 MASS START KO to the max of 6.

Maximum of €525,248 for the WS-18 Mass Start Knockout Championship.

$157,455 for WS-29 NLHE 6-Max Mystery.

104,000 dollars in WS-30 NLHE 6-Max Knockout.

Monster Stack NLHE 6 Max (WS-31): $104,490.

€119,754 for WS-34 NLHE 6-Max Mystery.

WS-37 NLHE, 6 Max, SUSPICION: £158,400.

Euros €114,885 for a WS-40 NLHE Knockout.

Results from yesterday’s Winamax Series competitions are shown below.

Reverse-Venomous Terror (WS-16 MASS START KO – 6 Max. Prize: €35.417,21. Field: 8,539. Total prize money is €384,255.

In the WS-18 Mass Start Knockout Championship, M&TonCasque (6-Man Max. Payouts totaling €59,613.40. Field: 2,264. Cash prizes total €525,248.

(WS-28 NLHE, 6 Max, KO) Greedyim. Cash prizes total €6,915.72. Field: 8,450. Cash prize of €76,050.

Mysterious Bphrygian (WS-29 NLHE, 6th Maximum). Prize money totals €14,865.83. Field: 3,499. Total prize money is €157,455.

We’re playing KASPR (WS-30 NLHE, 6 Max, KO. Total prize money is €8,739. Field: 5,830. Total prize money of €104,940.

R.NADAL23 (WS-31 No-Limit Hold’em, Six-Max, Monster-Stack). Total prize value is €20,011.28. Field: 1,161. Total prize value of €104,490.

winner: XuorisJ (WS-32 NLHE, 6 Max, KO). Money awarded: €3,792.50. Field: 10,279. Total prize money is €46,255.

MYSTERY Fmatta88 (WS-34 NLHE 6 Max). Total prize money is €10,305.37. Field: 6,653. Cash prize of £119,754!

Mystery Cashew (WS-37 NLHE 6 Max). Total cash awarded: €18,526.06. Number of people on the field: 1,760. Money awarded: €158,400.

A queleiteon (WS-39 NLHE – 6 Max. Prize: £9,602.32. Field: 3,167. Total cash award of £57,000.

I’m a Regular Guy (WS-40 NLHE KO. Prize: €12,181.51. Field: 2,553. Total prize value of €114,885!

Championship of KKJbet (WS-41 No-Limit Heads-Up. Field size: 138. Prize pool: €7,843.92. Total prize value of €32,016.

3BetOnFeeling (WS-42 No-Limit Hold’em, Six-Max, Rebuys). Total cash prize is $6,562.82. Field: 3,472. Money awarded: €38,704 .

The ccmpirate (WS-43 PLO – 6 Max. Money awarded: $3,224.01. Participants: 327. Money up for grabs amounts to $14,715 in this case.

the beloemore (WS-44 NLHE – KO. Prize: €4.560,37. Prize fund of €48,546 (field size: 5,394).

Poker (WS-45 NLHE, 6 Max. Prize: $11,682.88. Field: 1,397. Total prize money is $62,865.

Heads-Up NLHE (WS-46) by JeffBluffley (Deglingos. Field size was 1,482, and there was a total prize fund of €2,999.24. Cash prize of €26,676.

-Deglingos (WS-47 NLHE 3 Max) -Viiitamine. The total prize pool was €8,183.92 (945 entries x €42,525).

Below are the specific outcomes of the regular events with €10,000+ prize pools:

JoyboYa (€50 for entry, Shaolin; winner takes home €2,463.23; entrant pool of €10,000)


beloemore (€20 for tea time, €3,833.35 first prize, 1,663 participants, €29,934 total prize pool)


Epictetus994 (Mystery KO, €5,658.25 prize, €20,328 prize pool, field size = 88)


winner: goontilt88 (Mystery KO; €3,068.87; 1,223 players; €22,014)


Winner: LeSpray (Guerrilla 5, €1,515.13; 3,170 players; €15,000 total)


FileAilVie (Mystery KO, €1,649.63 prize, €3,219 total field, €15,000 total pot).

7chan7ceux7 (Mystery KO, €3,768.98, 506 players, €22,770 total prize pool).

For the Daronne River (RIDA Boss692) €5 (Field: 4,124; Prize: €2,068.00; Total: €18,558).

Super Nickel (Mystery KO, €2,565.62 first place, 2,350 players, €21,150 total prize fund).

Field size: 307. Total prize pool: €15,000. Top 50: €3,116.49.

MisteRyK (Ninja 10) won €2,040.44 (of of a total €17,919). There were 1,991 competitors.

“Sundae” (K.O. A total of 2,675 competitors were vying for a prize of €2,482.24. The total amount of the prize pool is $24,075.

A Night Club 7: LeChatNoir. Prize: €2,226.10. Field: 2,106. Total prize money is €18,954.

“CrispyBacon5” (€20 Mad Max. Prize: €2,097.06. Field: 615. Cash prizes totaling €11,070.

It is Day 2 of the Winamax Series.

Keep your gaming under control. Several methods of encouraging responsible gambling are used in online poker rooms (such as self-exclusion or deposit limitation).

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