The BSOP’s Start-Up Mystery event had 142 participants progress. K.O.

Two additional qualifiers for the annual Start-Up Mystery K.O. were held on day two of BSOP So Paulo, with the buy-in set at R$1,000. The event drew a large field, triple the expected R$500,000 guarantee.

There were 566 entrants for the afternoon session of Day 1C, but only 85 would make it to the next day. Rodrigo Sentinaro, of Sorocaba-SP, had the largest stack, totaling 698,000.

Several highly notable people were among those who qualified. The top ten players in Brazil’s all-time scoring list are: Lucas Scafini (513k), Leonardo Duarte (483k), Rafael Caiaffa (419k), Rodrigo Quariguasi (282k), Rafael Reis (269k), Bruno Ramos (243k), Paulo Gini (200k), and Bruno Porto (200k) (178,000).

There were 392 total entrants for the evening session of Day 1D, but only 57 made it to the next round of play. Marcos Vinicius Souza, with a massive chip stack of 557,000, was the top.

Milena Magrini (379k), Marcos Epaminondas (299k), Daniel Croce (224k), Leocir Carneiro (165k), Ramon Sorgato (152k), and Marcelo Medeiros (152k) all made the cut (111,000).

The event will begin at 2:00 pm on Friday, December 31st, with 229 participants competing for the championship and a guarantee that has already been multiplied by three. The blinds revert to 4,000/8,000 with a 2,000 ante for the large blind. The BSOP organization will reveal the whole award money up front.

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