Super Million$ Week Event 18 podium finish for Éder Campana

You need to defeat the brigade of brasucas that controls the GGPoker tables if you want to win Super Million$ Week. On Day 3, the nation stacked all final tables with players. In the most recent one, Éder Campana made it to the final table of the $1.050 NL Hold’em Event 18 three times. He was eliminated by Andras Nemeth and earned $46,996.

Bruno Volkmann scored twice himself. A member of the 9tales finished in fourth place in Evento 21: $1.050 NL Hold’em Hiper Turbo. Although he reorganized $9.931, “DEMOLIDOR1722” was left with a silver medal and $18.635.

Shortly afterwards, the same thing happened again, and Volkmann lost in the 4-handed version of Event 19: $2.100 NL Hold’em Bounty (7-Max). Ele embolsou $24.303, no sum.

Brazilians have also been preparing for GGPoker’s regular tournaments. Of of 556 entries in the Daily Special $88 contest, I want wasabi” placed second, earning the grinder $5,562. Still on the website, he chucked 543 players out of Lucky Sevens Turbo $77 to win $6,765.


  • It seems that the text is discussing the dominance of Brazilian players in GGPoker’s Super Million$ Week and other tournaments. It mentions specific players who have achieved impressive results and earned significant amounts of money.

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