Second-place Pedro Garagnani advances in Triton Vietnam’s Mysterious Bounty.

Two Brazilians have confirmed their participation in the Final Day of Event 3: $20,000 NL Hold’em Mystery Bounty at the Triton Poker Series Vietnam. Pedro Garagnani concluded the 17 30-minute stages in second place with 2,970,000 chips. Pablo Brito will begin play with 510 000 chips, the fifth-smallest stack among the 30 qualifiers.

The leader is a second Internet sensation, the Portuguese Joo Vieira. The 4Bet Team member has a total of 3,200,000 chips. Also in contention are Tymothy Adams (2,565,000), Benn Heath (1,855,000), Artur Martirosian (1,670,000), and Patrk Antonius (1,455,000), all of whom have ratings above the average of 1,250,000.

In its festival debut, the Mystery Bounty received 179 entries, surpassing the previous record of 172 entries for $105,000 set yesterday in Event 2. In addition to the coveted rewards, the winner will receive a prize of $396,000.

Triton’s YouTube channel will broadcast the revealed cards during the resumption of play at 4:00 a.m. (Braslia time) on Saturday, April 4. The blinds will be 25,000/50,000 and the BB Ante.

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