Road to KSOP GGPoker 1st round of qualifiers confirmed

The top ten qualifiers for KSOP's Road to GGPoker...

The first classified ad on the road to the incredible KSOP GGPoker Premium promotion is already well known. The package value of KSOP GGPoker Premium takes place in the city of Rio de Janeiro with a guaranteed prize pool of R$ 10 million. The list of finalists vying for a seat has been filled and names have been decided.

With seven events to come to a big decision, three events on the road to KSOP GGPoker Premium are complete. This means that the top ten qualifiers for the GGPoker Tournament have been confirmed, with one more player drawn for the final by MundoTV.

The first selection is a freeroll instead, revealed last Tuesday, where three names are guaranteed. Alisson Murilo (“amgpkr” for GG), Eduardo Marques (“marKKes1373!” for the site), and Leonel Albornoz (owner of the nickname “LeooAlbornoz”) did well in the first argument, paving the way for a final decision.

Wednesday, four more players performed well in the $5 buy-in tournament. Ariel Ferreira Brasil “AAriel”, Luiz Claudio “Claudio184” and Jaffet Sevilha Pereira “GERGEDAN 16” won the seats. Also shining was the final winner, Daniel Sazo, who won the package of the KSOP GGPoker Special and has already made his name in the decision.

Edison Pedroso is in a new freeroll this Thursday. Pedroso17”, Lucas Granzoto “I Hate Flips” and Rafael Souza Borges “meneirão” took turns to accomplish the feat and put their names on the decision list. In addition to this, Daniel Hugo “FluDhs” also via the Twitch with MundoTV The draw was excellent and secured the contested seat, which will bring valuable packages.

In addition to the first round of draws that have been confirmed as the finals, the finals will be held on July 20 with 32 players participating. Before then, new tournaments will be held between freerolls and $5 buy-ins on July 11, 12, 13 and 18. Until the end, more action will be taken to complete the player count. So stay tuned to our social networks for the latest updates.

Road to KSOP GGPoker Premium offers great champions a complete package of free access to top-tier events. The winner will receive a Main Event buy-in (BRL 3,000), accommodation for six days with a companion from days 06 to 12 (BRL 5,316), and a flat fee allowance of BRL 2,500, for a total value of BRL 10,816.

The top ten qualifiers for KSOP's Road to GGPoker...

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