“richboyyy” cracks 1M Supreme and wins R$148,000

A total of 1,739 players paid a buy-in of R$ 550 in another edition of the 1M Supremo this Sunday. “richboyyy” let out a victory cry after running a marathon on the world’s tallest felt. He won R$148,186 out of a prize pool of R$1,130,580.

Meanwhile, the “Call Coward” won a Big Plus of €55. After sending home 7,499 players, he increased his bankroll by R$ 119,580.

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2,500 Reals HighS (112 entries)

1st place: “Georgedemis” R$71,643

R$150 Battle HR (915 entrants)

Winner: “Overtake” R$20,817

R $250 Freeze (567 Entrants)

Champion: “Z4RO” €19,648


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