Rafael Moraes reveals the numbers and oddities of the WSOP

Rafael Moraes flaunts financial balance at WSOP, j...

Poker star Rafael Moraes has been doing something traditional lately. At the end of each game in the series, the PokerStars Ambassador will round up his numbers and show them to his followers, giving them some insight into the timing. The 4bet partner “measured” every step of the way and he achieved just that yesterday at the WSOP.

In a post on his Instagram profile, Rafael Moraes compiled some stats about his participation in the Las Vegas series. The Brazilian also joked about other strange statistics about everyday life in America during the segment most people were looking forward to.

Moraes has played in a total of 15 events in Las Vegas, including 14 at the WSOP and one at the Wynn. The maximum buy-in is $25,000 for a total of $106,000. As a result, the ABI (Average Buy) was $7,000. In return, the Brazilian received $86,000 in what was effectively a technical draw by his own admission.

Ambassador also made $15,000 in swap income from trading tournament shares with other players, almost making up for his losses. A financial summary would have been worth publishing, but Rafa punctuated it with several other interesting figures Added that information.

Most notably, he suffered more than 50 shocks during the WSOP. The earthquakes occurred because Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert and lack of humidity caused the earthquakes. Put this A bit that translates into numbers is something no one expected. Talking about the weather, Rafa also said that the highest temperature he has ever experienced was 48 degrees Celsius.

The Brazilian also said that, in addition to Among other things, he’s been to the casino 15 times, eaten at 31 restaurants, and managed to beat the WSOP lines without a single 40-minute escape from the snake. Find all these characters and more here.

Rafael Moraes flaunts financial balance at WSOP, j...

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  • This text provides information about Poker star Rafael Moraes’ recent activities, including his gameplay and statistics at the WSOP in Las Vegas. It also includes some interesting and humorous anecdotes about his experiences in America, like the earthquakes and extreme temperatures he encountered. Overall, it gives readers a glimpse into Moraes’ life as a professional poker player and his time in Las Vegas.

  • This text provides an update on the poker star Rafael Moraes, sharing his recent stats and experiences at the WSOP in Las Vegas. It also includes some interesting and unusual facts about his time there, such as experiencing earthquakes and extreme temperatures.

  • This text provides interesting insights into poker star Rafael Moraes’ recent activities and experiences at the WSOP in Las Vegas. Not only does it detail his financial performance and tournament participation, but also includes unusual statistics such as experiencing multiple earthquakes and extreme temperatures. It offers a unique and well-rounded perspective on Moraes’ time in Las Vegas.

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