Neville Costa hits the crossbar in the PokerStars BB530

On the first Sunday of April, numerous Brazilian players won substantial sums in online poker events hosted by PokerStars. There, Felipe Ketzer’s pal Neville Costa took home some cash as well, and both of them will get to play in the $5,200 Titans Event.

Neville Costa, alias “NevilleWeeee,” and Felipe from Thailand both participated in the US$530 Bounty Builder HR and placed in the top two, confirming that the Southeast Asian IP was highly smart. The Brazilian received $33,300 as his prize.

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Meanwhile, Fellipe Drapichinski, better known by his online as “FellipeD,” took down the $109 Sunday Fenomeno Special. He placed first out of 1,457 competitors and received $22,351. Ricardo Ragazzo “RRagap” finished third in the same competition, pocketing $11,356.

Last but not least, Victor “darkziv” Onizuka, coach of the Suits Poker Team, showed his hyper-turbo structure prowess in the $1,050 Sunday Supersonic. With his $22,095 in winnings, he eliminated 69 opponents.


  • This text highlights some notable achievements by Brazilian players in online poker events hosted by PokerStars. Several players won substantial sums, confirming the skill of Southeast Asian players, while also highlighting the success of individual players such as Felipe Ketzers, Neville Costa, Fellipe Drapichinski, Ricardo Ragazzo, and Victor Onizuka.

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