“Manuma29 won The Venom $10 GTD and $1,169,951,” the official announcement said.

The Venom $10M GTD, which took place on August 4, 2022, was one of the most important tournaments in the history of the WPN poker network. Only on the third try was the guarantee exceeded, and the winner of the event, who went by the alias “manuma29” and took home a record-breaking $1,169,951 prize, was a participant from Argentina.

Аргентинец «manuma29» выиграл The Venom $10M GTD

a successful outcome for Latin America

There is no other word that adequately captures what took place in the American Winning network during the course of this summer other than “miracle.” Due to the fact that the eight-figure guarantee was not paid out, the company’s flagship event did not have an overlay for the very first time. This was accomplished without making any discernible adjustments to the structure of the satellites or the beginning day.

The first-ever prize pool for the Venom $10M GTD was collected at $10,042,500, and the first-place award went to an Argentine player by the name of “manuma29.”

You may remember that a similar event held in the winter of the same year did not meet the promise of $545,000 in ticket sales. Whatever it was, the enthusiasm around Venom is most likely to blame for WPN moving up to a “clean” 8th position in the rating of global poker sites maintained by Pokerscout.

Regarding “manuma29,” he has been competing in online tournaments for almost to two years, with an average initial buy-in of $334. After 277 multi-table events, he was approximately $24,000 in the red. During this whole period, he was a member of The Venom, but he was never able to go beyond the first ITM.

The consummatory table 

Additionally, this was the first time in the annals of The Venom that the championship table began play with a 7-max structure. The reason behind this was because while the game went hand-for-hand on two tables, a player from Brazil named Luigi “G26” Sonchin had AK in the pivotal display and selected a one-card flush on the river, which resulted in the elimination of both of his opponents at the same time. 

Because the players at the final table did not take advantage of the chance to negotiate a deal, it took more than four hours to select the winner of the tournament. This is in contrast to the winter tournament that took place this year.

The following is the sequence in which players departed the table:


Флеш-рояль в ХА The Venom

This time around, the one-on-one match went on for a full two hours. “Manuma29” began this encounter with a far lower stack than his opponent, but he was able to close the gap very quickly by winning a significant hand without having to expose his cards by scoring a top pair on the turn of the hand. After that, he acquired a few more relatively little banks, and eventually he became the chipper.

Luigi Sonchin was constantly gaining ground, and at one point he was just two times as far behind the Argentine in terms of the number of chips he had. The agreement that ultimately decided the winner of the tournament took place under these circumstances.

After the Argentine re-bet, the Brazilian player crimped A8 and almost soon moved all-in after the re-bet. But after the call, “manuma29” revealed AQ and scored a flush royal on the turn!

As the runner-up, Soncini was awarded $879,723 in prize money.

What should I do now.

This autumn, we will only have The Venom in PKO format to look forward to, and he will most likely earn a five million dollar guarantee once again. On the other hand, the identical non-bounty event will most likely take place between January and February 2023.

I really doubt that the reward money will be any less than ten million dollars. The fact that this event was completed without a visible overlay should not, in our view, offer the organizers any reason to have optimism that the same thing would occur in future competitions. 

If The Venom $10M GTD in 2023 continues to use the same strategy for its satellites, there is a strong possibility that the event will follow the same pattern as the winter tournament held earlier this year. Especially in the event that Phil Nagy’s team makes a snap decision to increase the guarantee by one to two million dollars.

The event need to be publicized before the start of the new year, and we have high hopes that this time its attendees will be able to wow with innovations.


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