KSOP GGPoker SA: Mateus Pimenta pulls off a nice hero fold on SHR

KSOP GGPoker SA: Mateus Pimenta was put on the gat...

Bounty Hunter SHR airing on MundoTV continues to attract some incredible hands. The tournament, with a prize of R $ 25,000, featured many big names and many moves that excited the spectators, one of which was regular player Mateus Pimenta in the final minutes, ensuring He earned a spot in the tournament.

Mateus made a very tricky fold in one of the games and gave away both of his pairs with a clear conscience to avoid being eliminated out of the tournament. The opponent in this match is recreational player Léo Rizzo, who, as the broadcast showed, is one of the most active players at the table.

Mateus Pimenta opened the game and increased the blinds to 1,200 300/600 his. Starting from cutoff position, Léo Rizzo raised to 2,400 and found Pimenta the only one to call. The flop brought . Mateus checked with top pair but no action. Meanwhile, Léo Rizzo had a practice but preferred to check behind.

On the turn, someone showed up at the table and gave Pimenta second pair. Nonetheless, he decided to check again and Léo Rizzo, who now had two spades, decided to bet 7,000. Mateus then raised to 17,400 and Rizzo decided to go ahead and made a pot with 41,000 in the middle of the table.

Then the river card is one of them. Ace was one of Léo Rizzo’s exercises, completing the board and providing the São Paulo businessman with a runner-up sequence. With two pairs in hand, Mateus remained confident and bet 28,000 chips. Moments later, Léo Rizzo went all-in with more chips than Pimenta and eliminated his opponent.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Mateus Pimenta was put on the gat...

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  • This text describes an exciting poker tournament, highlighting a crucial moment where Mateus Pimenta made a difficult fold to avoid elimination. Despite having a strong hand, Pimenta folded both pairs and was eventually defeated by recreational player Léo Rizzo, who displayed a runner-up sequence.

  • Cummerata.savanna

    This text describes a poker tournament with a prize of R $ 25,000 and highlights a specific hand in which player Mateus Pimenta made a tricky fold to avoid elimination. Despite having a good hand with two pairs, Pimenta was ultimately eliminated by opponent Léo Rizzo, who had a stronger hand with a runner-up sequence.

  • Madyson.bailey

    It sounds like Mateus Pimenta made a bold move by folding his pairs to avoid being eliminated from the tournament. However, it ultimately didn’t pay off as he was eliminated by Léo Rizzo’s runner-up sequence. Overall, it seems like an intense and exciting moment in the Bounty Hunter SHR tournament on MundoTV.

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