KOSS Game 49 was won by “AdamoSramoo”.

KOSS Game 49 was won by “AdamoSramoo”.

Those who like mystery bounty style games will find fun in KOSS 3. “AdamoSramoo” won the NL Event 49 on Day 4 for $550. The winner of the Texas Hold’em Mystery Tournament and the biggest prize in the pot. He beat 458 other players in the tournament and earned $67,379.

Event 52: $1,000 NL Hold’em High Roller Tournament hosted by ” Hugokopter” won, knocking out 235 opponents and earning $51,931.

Learn from other KOSS winners:

Mysterious $80 No Limit Hold’em Tournament (845 entrants)

The winner of this round, “knuriver” took home 7,327 reais.

Game 48: 55-Man No-Limit Hold’em (1,455 contestants)

The winning contestant fenosertaopa received R $10,315

$220 No Limit Hold’em Event 50 (1,184 participants)

Winner: R$ 32,619 (Podpah)

5 Card Omaha Pot Limit ( $550) Event 53 (168 entrants)

“EuFoldoAA”, with prizes of R$ 18,573

KOSS Game 49 was won by “AdamoSramoo”.

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  • Jany.armstrong

    This text provides information about various winners and their prizes in the KOSS 3 mystery bounty style games. It is suitable for those who enjoy such games and highlights the earnings of different participants in different tournaments.

  • This text provides information on various winners and their prizes in different KOSS (Knockout Series) events. It highlights the excitement and rewards that can be gained through participation in mystery bounty style games, appealing to those who enjoy this genre.

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