Juan Pardo finishes fifth in the EPT High Roller, Padraig O’Neill wins the EPT, and we look at Mario Navarro in Performance in WPT WC

Juan Pardo finishes fifth in the EPT High Roller,...

EPT bid farewell to 2023 with a comeback in the Prague Main Event final, with heavily favored Jon Kyte being passed by short stack Padraig O’Neill.

In just a few minutes of play, O’Neal was eliminated with 44 points in front of Kate’s high card. “I booked a flight for 7pm and that’s how optimistic I am about my chances in the final,” the champion commented in an interview as the winner. After five hours of hard-fought action against its Norwegian nemesis, it managed to enter the heads-up match and come from behind.

You can watch 11 hours of action and get the English commentary team from the regular Pokerstars commentary at this YouTube link.

We couldn’t help but see if Juan Pardo could lead the way in the EPT High Roller €10,300 and win the pot for the third day in a row.

Unfortunately, in the early stages of the final, when Juan tried to mark territory with his big stack, he ended up 5-bet all-in on A4 Diamond against Scott Margereson AA.

It wasn’t a complete disaster, as the Malaga player’s chip lead was significant, but it held our pros back in a complex field, like Antoine Players like Sau or Swede Anton Suarez can cause all kinds of problems. Juan ended up in fifth place with €129,000 and said goodbye to Prague in good taste.

In Las Vegas, La Roja remains unnoticed as the EPT World Champion. Only one player, the only Spaniard among the 126 players who called for the resumption of play in the early hours of the morning, can get us out of the ban.

Interestingly, Mario Navarro is facing a $6 million challenge despite being underfunded, but has a promising chip stack and will play at Wynn Became the chip leader on Day 4 with over 100 blinds in the 30k/60k/60k levels.

231-1: Malachi Hagen 1,775,000231-2: Michael Rossito 5,915,000231-3: Noel Rodriguez 2,950,000231-4: Ren Lin 2,245,000231-5: Mario Navarro 7,625,000231-6: Christina Holst 2,565,000231-7: Matthias Gabrungia 3,055,000231-8: Jeremy Joseph 3,140,000

The price pyramid is $37,600 and continues to rise.

Juan Pardo finishes fifth in the EPT High Roller,...

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  • This text appears to be a recap of a poker tournament, featuring notable players and their successes or setbacks. It provides information on specific players’ performances, advancements, and chip counts, as well as the overall stakes and prize amounts.

  • This text provides a recap of the EPT Prague Main Event final, highlighting the surprise victory of Padraig ONeill over the favored Jon Kyte. It also mentions other notable players and their performances in different events, including Juan Pardo’s fifth-place finish and Mario Navarro’s promising chip stack in Las Vegas.

  • In this text, the writer discusses the EPT Main Event in Prague, highlighting the unexpected defeat of heavily favored Jon Kyte and the impressive comeback of Padraig ONeill. The text also mentions the performance of Juan Pardo in the EPT High Roller €10,300 event and Mario Navarro’s promising chip stack in the Las Vegas tournament.

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