Éder Campana misses flip and finishes 4th at SCOOP Event 91-M

The last Thursday of SCOOP 2023 is off to a very busy start. None of the FT’s four Brazilians made the podium in Event 91-M: $320 NL Hold’em (Progressive KO). Éder “edercampana” Campana was the closest to the winner when he was eliminated in the foursomes competition. He won a total of $15,880.

Éder was getting closer and closer to the leader as he lost a big pot and hit the bottom. Holding 10♥10♦, he went all-in for “paniaguamos” on the Q♦Q♥8♥ flop and saw his opponent show A♠A♦. The 6♥ on the turn gave Éder a dream of a flush, but the 2♠ on the river confirmed the Hungarian’s victory.

On the very next turn, Éder made another preflop all-in. He beat A♥6♦ with A♦3♦ and escaped elimination with the help of a 3♥5♥Q♥5♦9♦ cross.

Still far away from his opponent, Éder announced a 3 – bet all-in with 12 BBS. In action again, Denis “aDrENalin710” Strebkov called and showed 9♣9♠. Éder holds K♣Q♣ and just hailed on 6♣A♠6♥10♣5♠.

Also in Event 91-M, Rafael “ratitoBR” Eltz (No. 5), Alen “DeckMcFly Fillipi (No. 7) and “babygabriiel” (No. 8) won $11,005 each , $5,986 and $6,684.

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  • This text appears to be a recap or summary of a poker tournament called SCOOP 2023. It mentions the performances and eliminations of several players, including Éder Campana, who came close to winning but ultimately lost. The text also mentions the winnings of other players in the tournament.

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    The text provides a detailed account of the events that took place during the SCOOP 2023 poker tournament, particularly focusing on the performances of four Brazilian participants. Despite not making it to the podium, Éder Campana showcased resilience and skill in various hands, ultimately earning a payout of $15,880.

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