During the WSOP, François Pirault reveals his expert perspective.

During the WSOP, François Pirault reveals his expert perspective.

The Frenchman is competing in a US$3K NLH event and is featured on the show “In the Mind of a Pro.”

All the action and excitement of this year’s World Series of Poker will be captured by Winamax’s On the Mind of a Pro crew (WSOP). One of the highlights of the production is the biggest poker festival in the world, and this year’s event lives up to the highest standards. Francesco Piranesi

The World Series of Poker has changed venues and format since its last iteration, but it is still the poker world’s biggest annual tournament. The 2021 autumn tournaments in the United States have been moved forward to accommodate the recovery of the summer venue, so the In the Mind of a Pro team picks up just where they left off four months later in Las Vegas, where the whole Winamax squad is competing for the coveted wristbands.

As Team Winamax’s Romain Lewis was knocked out of the US$3,000 Freezout tournament, François Pirault stepped in to play for the bracelet. takes over, and this time they’ve made sure he keeps 100 bb on level 7 all the time.

A multi-table tournament champion, Pirault is one of the players that toiled for years at the micro limits. Will he be able to make it?

The staff at Caesars Palace, where the WSOP is held, have always been kind to the In the Mind of a Pro crew and made it possible for them to film some of the most thrilling moments of the event. The crew is prepared to record the increased drama and splendor of this year’s WSOP. Poker aficionados can anticipate a whole new level of excitement thanks to the introduction of exciting new settings, processes, and traditions.


  • This text provides an overview of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) event, highlighting François Pirault’s participation and the filming of the show “In the Mind of a Pro.” It also mentions the changes in venue and format for the 2021 WSOP and the anticipation of increased excitement with new settings and traditions.

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