Downtown Foz do Iguacu is home to KSOP GGPoker Argentina

In 20 more days, KSOP GGPoker will land in Argentina, the first international stage in its history. In order to maintain the high quality standards of the country’s +EV track, the organization chose the downtown casino as the venue for the festival.

Located next to the luxurious Hotel Foz do Iguaçu on Argentina’s triple border, the Downtown Foz do Iguaçu Casino offers the latest in luxury casino gaming entertainment including blackjack tables, roulette, craps and Slot machine.

It is important to remember that these games are for entertainment only and caution and moderation is advised. The actual games take place at the poker tables at GGPoker Iguazú KSOP.

The venue also has three large restaurants, so players can enjoy local cuisine without having to travel to the city of Puerto Iguazu.

The Argentina phase will begin on June 14 with 17 races planned and a guaranteed prize money of R$ 3 million. The full package of the Main Event and satellites for seats will be on GGPoker until June 12th.

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