Deck botches the last hand against Daniel Yamaki and Bruno Jardim in WSOP Spring Circuit Event 11.

Special WSOP Spring Circuit versions of GGPoker’s major events were held. At the GGMasters High Roller, where the country was hoping to win another championship, several unfortunate unlucky beats occurred during the decision of the millionaire freezeout. Bruno Jardim finished in eighth position, but not before he had amassed $24,665. In turn, Daniel Yamaki bowed out of the seven-handed showdown, pocketing $32,891.

Both Brazilians qualified for the final in the last two spots. Distance from CL “Bashka340” did not put them in a hopeless situation.

Bruno sent “MR1SHNARK” home early in the heads-up. The Team’s pro won a coin flip with AJ versus 22 by finding two Js on the board.

When “Bashka340” four-bet shoved, Bruno called with a flush. The Russian, with A10, made a straight flush on a board of A10, Q4, and 5 to eliminate his opponents.

The fall was so rapid that Daniel was stunned and unable to respond. In his last act, he pretended to go all-in before really folding and paying “Bashka340’s” 3-bet. With the flop of 2KA and the turn of 8, the Suits Team grinder was in the hole against his opponent’s Q8. Nevertheless, the river Q delivered one of his opponent’s six outs.

The $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool was exceeded by the $1,396,000 collected from the 1,396 participants who each paid $1,050 to enter the GGMasters High Roller.

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  • This text provides a summary of the WSOP Spring Circuit event held by GGPoker, highlighting the unfortunate defeats faced by Brazilian players Bruno Jardim and Daniel Yamaki. Despite their impressive performances and participation in the final, they were eventually eliminated by their opponents’ strong hands. The event exceeded the guaranteed prize pool and had a total of 1,396 participants.

  • This text seems to be reporting on a poker tournament, specifically the GGMasters High Roller event at the WSOP Spring Circuit. It highlights some unlucky beats experienced by Brazilian players Bruno Jardim and Daniel Yamaki, and also mentions the prize pool and number of participants involved.

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    This text describes the unfortunate defeats of two Brazilian players, Bruno Jardim and Daniel Yamaki, during the GGPoker’s Special WSOP Spring Circuit event. Despite their valiant efforts, they were eliminated from the tournament but still managed to earn substantial cash prizes.

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