“checksVV” Wins Supremas HighS Championship

Winning the world’s biggest championship guarantees great success. Last Thursday, “checksVV” won R$45,703 after being crowned champion in the R$2,500 HighS 200K GTD.

In the R$250 Battle 200K GTD, “Labhp134” took the podium. He was selected out of 1,108 participants and received R$ 31,705 in funding.

See other results:

550 Reals Mystery HR 100K GTD (316 submissions)

1. “VlwFlwTy” – R$ 21,414

R$ 400 OmaX HR 50K GTD (150 entries)

1st place. Venue “nandinhojah” – R$ 14,054

R$ 55 Battle 50K GTD (1,509 entrants)

1. Rank “Renato999” – R$ 7,989

R$ 12 plus 50K GTD (6,035 entries)

1. Place “BATLLEFIELD” – R$ 6,139


  • This text highlights the success of various participants in different championships, with significant cash prizes being awarded to the winners. It demonstrates that winning these championships can lead to substantial financial gains and serves as motivation for others to compete and potentially achieve similar success.

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