Carrasco Super High Roller goes live on CodigoPoker

Carrasco Super High Roller goes live on CodigoPoke...

Casino Carrasco is quickly becoming one of the most attractive and fun places to play poker in South America, and starting this Thursday, it will once again prove why. With the help of LLFB Eventos, the Carrasco Super High Roller, a $2,000 buy-in tournament with $200,000 guaranteed, kicks off today Open the curtain This guarantees a lot of activity.

The best players in the area will be there for three days, with a second and last chance, will be DeVidea has the scoop to bring you the action happening at the tables in CharrĂșa.

Carrasco Super High Roller will pay out $2,000 today at 16:00 Buy-in players will receive a starting stack of 100,000 chips in the 40-minute level.

Then tomorrow 15 and final day will be Saturday 14. However, there is a $1,000 fee for re-entry and registration up to class 20.

On the other hand, Second Chance starts Friday night at 8:00 p.m. when the entry fee is $300, and Last Chance will Held on Saturday at 19:00 with a prize of $500. At Carrasco Casino, no one is locked out of the poker table.

Carrasco Super High Roller

Carrasco Final Qualifier

Following the success of the First Satellite, the Final Qualifier is played this Wednesday at a fraction of the original buy-in and again at The Carrasco Casino exploded.

This time there were 50 players and 51 re-entries, so five of the top five players got $2,000 and sixth place got $100.

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Carrasco Super High Roller goes live on CodigoPoke...

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