Biggest Sitting & 2023 Go Winners

Biggest Sitting & 2023 Go Winners

In a year where the Sit & Go format has become less popular than other varieties of online poker, a mysterious grinder under the nickname P90X has become the undisputed champion of the category, earning the title of the year’s biggest winner, according to SharkScope’s rankings.

Focusing on turbo heads-up play, P90X dominated, playing 4,874 games throughout the year on Global Poker, the platform of choice for US players. With an average buy-in of $70.31, the grinder managed to earn $51,537, a 14.1% return on investment.

Sit-and-go was one of the most played formats in the early days of online poker.

Second place also went to Global Poker player St. Upid, who participated in 8,489 heads-up turbo S&G games. With an average buy-in of $89.59, this grinder managed to accumulate winnings of $49,692, which is a decent return on investment of 6.1%.

While the numbers are more modest for players not focused solely on the heads-up format, the largest winnings were obtained on PokerStars. OrangemanXD, representing Poland, topped the leaderboard with $37,500 in earnings and an impressive 69,589 games, mostly in sit ‘n’ go satellites. His average buy-in was $13.28 and his return on investment was 4%.

The figures provided by SharkScope only take into account players who have registered on the platform and authorized statistics.

In addition, these figures do not reflect rakeback, which is a significant component of S&G players’ income due to the large number of games. Despite the declining popularity of these games, they remain attractive to many players due to the reduced variability in smaller fields, which provides a more consistent and strategic experience.

Biggest Sitting & 2023 Go Winners

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  • This text highlights the success of a player named P90X in the Sit & Go format of online poker, despite its decreasing popularity. It also mentions the earnings of other players and emphasizes the appeal of Sit & Go games due to their reduced variability and strategic nature in smaller fields.

  • This text provides an overview of the performance of online poker players in the Sit & Go format, highlighting the top earners and their return on investment. It also mentions the declining popularity of this format but highlights the appeal for players due to reduced variability and a more strategic experience in smaller fields.

  • This text discusses the decline in popularity of the Sit & Go format in online poker and highlights the success of a player named P90X, who became the top earner in this category. It also mentions other notable players and emphasizes the appeal of Sit & Go games for their reduced variability and more consistent playing experience.

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