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Super Bowl Las Vegas: Game expected to set record

Super Bowl Las Vegas: Game expected to set record

This year’s Super Bowl will be held in Las Vegas for the first time, and is expected to attract record betting totals before and during the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday at 5:00 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 8:30 pm

Legal Sports Reports (LSR) recently conducted an analysis of the betting aspects of this year’s big games. The website estimates total equity in the country’s 39 regulated markets will be close to $1.3 billion, bringing last year’s total to nearly $1.1 billion.

“Depending on how these registrations are handled, U.S. sportsbooks could make more than $100 million in revenue from the Super Bowl, bringing in off-the-book revenue for another great football season. ” the website said.

The American Gaming Association agrees, according to the results of a new survey. According to the AGA, 67.8 million U.S. adults (26%) are expected to bet on the Super Bowl, a 35% increase from last year.

The Super Bowl is coming to Las Vegas.

Legal, regulated sports betting has grown rapidly across the country since the Supreme Court cleared the way for federal gambling legalization in 2018. LSRAn estimated 175 million Americans can now legally bet on this year’s Super Bowl.

According to the report, 25% of bets included parlays, while 10% included pending futures bets. Super Bowl bets typically range from 0.75% to 1.25% of the annual amountfor a given state, which equates to about three to four typical betting days in total.

Facts about the Super Bowl (and where you can place bets).

The 49ers enter the game as a 1.5 to 2.5 point favorite. When it comes to which team bettors choose, BetMGM took a look at some numbers last week.

Although San Francisco is the favorite, there’s probably some Taylor Swift effect going on in most bets. Friend Travis Kelce went down and the Chiefs needed coverage. The money line bets on the Chiefs are also five times that of the 49ers. For Kansas State, as expected, 93% of bets and 95% of the money are on the home favorites.

Not all oddsmakers believe in the Chiefs, however. Caesars Sports reports that a bettor in Michigan is betting $1 million on the 49ers moneyline at -120 odds.

The bettor also placed a $200,000 bet on 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy to be named MVP at +240 One bettor was named MVP at +240. Flip a $100,000 coin and the tails result is -105. If all of this comes to fruition, Michigan’s handicappers will make a profit of more than $1.4 million.

Super Bowl Las Vegas: Game expected to set record

Bruna Araújo wins Carnival Series 21m title

Bruna Araújo wins Carnival Series 21m title

The country’s mill has another surprise for PokerStars. In Event 21-M: $55 No Limit Hold’em Solo Rematch (for Carnival Series), Bruna Araújo delivered the winner’s shout. The owner of account “bruna_bsb” won $14,999 after beating 1,960 opponents.

The regular $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR comes with a Brazilian double bed. Kyves “GuiTuoBei” Rocha defeated his compatriot Fernando “DarkSkies21” Oliveira in a heads-up match to win $13,595. The runner-up received $7,945. A few minutes ago, João Mathias Baumgarten was eliminated in 3 hands for $5,380.

In Event 24-M: $109 NL Hold’em Deep Stack, Eduardo “sl0tt” Leitão took home silver and $13,561. There were 1,078 participants in the tournament.

Meanwhile, “guigafs” finished third out of 84 players in the 24 Hour: $1,050 NL Hold’em Deep Stack event, earning $11,638.

See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrize$27 Daily Eliminator”Psyclows”1.$5,754$22 Mini Battle Royale”RFNunesT “1. $5,418#24-L: $11 NLHE Deep Stack”Guns_SM”2.$5,210$530 Daily Cooldown”NANDO EIRE “1 $5,166

Bruna Araújo wins Carnival Series 21m title

KSOP GGPoker SA: Mateus Pimenta pulls off a nice hero fold on SHR

KSOP GGPoker SA: Mateus Pimenta was put on the gat...

Bounty Hunter SHR airing on MundoTV continues to attract some incredible hands. The tournament, with a prize of R $ 25,000, featured many big names and many moves that excited the spectators, one of which was regular player Mateus Pimenta in the final minutes, ensuring He earned a spot in the tournament.

Mateus made a very tricky fold in one of the games and gave away both of his pairs with a clear conscience to avoid being eliminated out of the tournament. The opponent in this match is recreational player Léo Rizzo, who, as the broadcast showed, is one of the most active players at the table.

Mateus Pimenta opened the game and increased the blinds to 1,200 300/600 his. Starting from cutoff position, Léo Rizzo raised to 2,400 and found Pimenta the only one to call. The flop brought . Mateus checked with top pair but no action. Meanwhile, Léo Rizzo had a practice but preferred to check behind.

On the turn, someone showed up at the table and gave Pimenta second pair. Nonetheless, he decided to check again and Léo Rizzo, who now had two spades, decided to bet 7,000. Mateus then raised to 17,400 and Rizzo decided to go ahead and made a pot with 41,000 in the middle of the table.

Then the river card is one of them. Ace was one of Léo Rizzo’s exercises, completing the board and providing the São Paulo businessman with a runner-up sequence. With two pairs in hand, Mateus remained confident and bet 28,000 chips. Moments later, Léo Rizzo went all-in with more chips than Pimenta and eliminated his opponent.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Mateus Pimenta was put on the gat...

Biggest Sitting & 2023 Go Winners

Biggest Sitting & 2023 Go Winners

In a year where the Sit & Go format has become less popular than other varieties of online poker, a mysterious grinder under the nickname P90X has become the undisputed champion of the category, earning the title of the year’s biggest winner, according to SharkScope’s rankings.

Focusing on turbo heads-up play, P90X dominated, playing 4,874 games throughout the year on Global Poker, the platform of choice for US players. With an average buy-in of $70.31, the grinder managed to earn $51,537, a 14.1% return on investment.

Sit-and-go was one of the most played formats in the early days of online poker.

Second place also went to Global Poker player St. Upid, who participated in 8,489 heads-up turbo S&G games. With an average buy-in of $89.59, this grinder managed to accumulate winnings of $49,692, which is a decent return on investment of 6.1%.

While the numbers are more modest for players not focused solely on the heads-up format, the largest winnings were obtained on PokerStars. OrangemanXD, representing Poland, topped the leaderboard with $37,500 in earnings and an impressive 69,589 games, mostly in sit ‘n’ go satellites. His average buy-in was $13.28 and his return on investment was 4%.

The figures provided by SharkScope only take into account players who have registered on the platform and authorized statistics.

In addition, these figures do not reflect rakeback, which is a significant component of S&G players’ income due to the large number of games. Despite the declining popularity of these games, they remain attractive to many players due to the reduced variability in smaller fields, which provides a more consistent and strategic experience.

Biggest Sitting & 2023 Go Winners

Daniel Negreanu recovers 10% of 2023 losses by winning PokerGo Tour event

Daniel Negreanu recovers 10% of 2023 losses by win...

2023 is a bad year for Daniel Negreanu. The Canadian lost just over $2.2 million in the live tournament. However, 2024 is already off to a much better start for him as he just scored his first win of the year.

On January 2, the GGPoker pro started his first event in the PokerGo Tour Last Chance Series, a $10,100 buy-in tournament. Held at the PokerGo Studio in Las Vegas, 91 players took part, winning a prize pool of $218,400 (more than all cash earnings last year).

A few days ago, Negreanu posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he explained how he was doing it in one year. In it, he talks about his plan to turn the tide and have a successful year.

One of the keys to success, Negreanu says he needs to run better, which he certainly did very well in this tournament on the PokerGo Tour because Positive varianceFollow him at the final table, especially in his hand against Justin Bonomo.

This is how PokerGo announced Negreanu’s win on social media.

😲 Oh…gosh! 😲 @RealKidPoker won his first event of the year in stunning fashion, hitting a quad to take the PGT Last Chance Event #1 title.

Negreanu received $218,400 and 218 PGT points for the win!

📺 – Event replay:

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) January 2024 3rd

The tweet included a link to watch Negreanu earn his first win of the year.

Daniel Negreanu recovers 10% of 2023 losses by win...

Juan Pardo finishes fifth in the EPT High Roller, Padraig O’Neill wins the EPT, and we look at Mario Navarro in Performance in WPT WC

Juan Pardo finishes fifth in the EPT High Roller,...

EPT bid farewell to 2023 with a comeback in the Prague Main Event final, with heavily favored Jon Kyte being passed by short stack Padraig O’Neill.

In just a few minutes of play, O’Neal was eliminated with 44 points in front of Kate’s high card. “I booked a flight for 7pm and that’s how optimistic I am about my chances in the final,” the champion commented in an interview as the winner. After five hours of hard-fought action against its Norwegian nemesis, it managed to enter the heads-up match and come from behind.

You can watch 11 hours of action and get the English commentary team from the regular Pokerstars commentary at this YouTube link.

We couldn’t help but see if Juan Pardo could lead the way in the EPT High Roller €10,300 and win the pot for the third day in a row.

Unfortunately, in the early stages of the final, when Juan tried to mark territory with his big stack, he ended up 5-bet all-in on A4 Diamond against Scott Margereson AA.

It wasn’t a complete disaster, as the Malaga player’s chip lead was significant, but it held our pros back in a complex field, like Antoine Players like Sau or Swede Anton Suarez can cause all kinds of problems. Juan ended up in fifth place with €129,000 and said goodbye to Prague in good taste.

In Las Vegas, La Roja remains unnoticed as the EPT World Champion. Only one player, the only Spaniard among the 126 players who called for the resumption of play in the early hours of the morning, can get us out of the ban.

Interestingly, Mario Navarro is facing a $6 million challenge despite being underfunded, but has a promising chip stack and will play at Wynn Became the chip leader on Day 4 with over 100 blinds in the 30k/60k/60k levels.

231-1: Malachi Hagen 1,775,000231-2: Michael Rossito 5,915,000231-3: Noel Rodriguez 2,950,000231-4: Ren Lin 2,245,000231-5: Mario Navarro 7,625,000231-6: Christina Holst 2,565,000231-7: Matthias Gabrungia 3,055,000231-8: Jeremy Joseph 3,140,000

The price pyramid is $37,600 and continues to rise.

Juan Pardo finishes fifth in the EPT High Roller,...

BSOP Millions: Juan Arauz and Fernando Canaparo Win

BSOP Millions: Juan Arauz, Fernando Canaparo and J...

Two new Argentine players have won the 2023 BSOP Millions: Juan Arauz and Fernando Canaparo . At the Brazilian Festival in São Paulo, the Argentinian team has secured 4 first places.

Event No. 68 PLO Daily 500

The Pot Limit Omaha Championship had 239 registrations and a prize of R$500 (including $102). The winner was Fernando Canaparo who won 19,000 Riya. el ($3,879). It was his 12th bonus and his second title in Brazil, where he earned 77,430 reais ($15,811).

Fernando with his trophy: Super PokerEvento #72 Deepstack

There were 870 entrants, with a guaranteed prize pool of R$1,500 (u$306) and R$400,000 ($81,679). The finalists include Uruguay’s Federico Lanza (eighth place – 18,550 reais), Argentina’s José Lesta (seventh place – 26,500 reais) and Mexico’s Leonel Guerra (Fourth place). – R$ 64,000). .

Two Argentines – Juan Arauz and Mario Niciforo, finished second and won 120,000 reais ($24,503). Juan won the championship trophy, his first live cash and a bonus of R$198,000 ($40,431). This is what he said after his win: “This is my first live music festival as I usually play online and am part of the TT Poker team that includes Franco Spitale, strong>Pablo Roman and Marcio Zacconi. We are constantly studying and doing our best to achieve this goal. I am very happy to have made all these efforts and sacrifices .”

Finalists of Event #72: Super PokerEvento #76 Super Flop Turbo K.O.

The event has 190 entrants, is worth R$1,500 (306 u$s), and has a guaranteed pot of R$100,000 (20,419 u$s). Argentinian Bruno Sanzoni completed the podium in third place, earning R$ 13,900 (USD 2,838). The winner was Panamanian José Miguel De La Guardia, who won BRL 30,000 (USD 6,116). José has earned $312,000 during his career, ranking fifth on Panama’s all-time money list.

BSOP Millions: Juan Arauz, Fernando Canaparo and J...

Argentina won the second round of the Latin American League.

Argentina won the second round of the Latin Americ...

Argentina won on the second matchday of the Latin American League.

A new winner emerged in the second round. He is a member of the GGPoker Latam alliance and comes from Argentina. In this case, Hoian45 scores a total of 100 points and wins $225.

The Albiceleste player won the tournament by winning $42.92 after defeating ENRIQUE OTA in a heads-up match. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan won $30.82, with Charlie 1359 completing the top three with an additional $22.36 and a total of 80 points.

TulasMoreno has 120 units and leads the overall standings after two rounds, followed by the winner of the second round and eugenia216, both with 100 points.

This event will be held the next day and offers another chance to win $250 and the chance to gain valuable points leading to a higher overall ranking in the tournament.

Argentina won the second round of the Latin Americ...

EPT Barcelona: Maria Lampropulos takes second place among women

EPT Barcelona: Maria Lampropulos takes second plac...

Argentinian Maria Lampropulos is just one step away from adding another trophy to her successful career at the EPT Barcelona 2023 festival.

This is the 52nd women’s event exclusively for women, with 79 entries, a €550 value and a prize pool of €37,920 ($41,038).

Connie entered the final table with the second-lowest chip stack, but managed to recover and move the chip count up. She reached the final against Sylwia Studniarz and finished second, earning €6,900 ($7,466). Rounding out the podium was Brazil’s Nathaly Faria, who won €4,900 ($5,302).

Maria won 23 prizes in 2023 (5 of them at the WSOP), finishing second at the final table and winning $81,497. During her career, she earned $3.5 million in live tournaments and ranks third on Argentina’s all-time money list.

EPT Barcelona: Maria Lampropulos takes second plac...

KOSS Game 49 was won by “AdamoSramoo”.

KOSS Game 49 was won by “AdamoSramoo”.

Those who like mystery bounty style games will find fun in KOSS 3. “AdamoSramoo” won the NL Event 49 on Day 4 for $550. The winner of the Texas Hold’em Mystery Tournament and the biggest prize in the pot. He beat 458 other players in the tournament and earned $67,379.

Event 52: $1,000 NL Hold’em High Roller Tournament hosted by ” Hugokopter” won, knocking out 235 opponents and earning $51,931.

Learn from other KOSS winners:

Mysterious $80 No Limit Hold’em Tournament (845 entrants)

The winner of this round, “knuriver” took home 7,327 reais.

Game 48: 55-Man No-Limit Hold’em (1,455 contestants)

The winning contestant fenosertaopa received R $10,315

$220 No Limit Hold’em Event 50 (1,184 participants)

Winner: R$ 32,619 (Podpah)

5 Card Omaha Pot Limit ( $550) Event 53 (168 entrants)

“EuFoldoAA”, with prizes of R$ 18,573

KOSS Game 49 was won by “AdamoSramoo”.

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