Amnesty for previously blacklisted players has been announced by the Poker Integrity Council.

Launched a month ago, the amnesty process for players who earned a ban in the network skins to highstakes in past years was announced by the GG Network Council, led by Jason Kuhn (Poker Integrity Council), which deals with the identification of fraud in pricey games.

Амнистия забаненных игроков в Покерок

The promotional Olive Branch.

The GG Network announced yesterday that banned gamers who have now been reinstated may once again access the site’s games.

High-stakes poker players have until August 15, 2022, to submit their unban requests to the Poker Integrity Council. The deadline for responses is August 22.

Starting in early June, PIC has been working to track down instances of cheating at online poker tables and build a “Industry Blacklist” of banned players from the biggest live poker tournament series.

Players who want their applications reviewed can send an email to [email protected] with “Olive Branch Application” in the subject line.

As is, who gets to be “forgiven”?

The network has conducted similar campaigns in the past. The security team spent two weeks in 2020 receiving applications from banned gamers while also unveiling its methodology to who might be regarded a good ABM and who could be labeled a poor ABM.

Tobias “Ben ABC” Dutweiler, a German poker player, utilized it at the time, and the subsequent narrative involving the seizure of $180,000 from him is widely regarded as the primary motivation for the GG Network’s efforts to explain to its players what they should not do at its tables. 

Vyacheslav “1nvoker” Ozhigov, a well-known Russian speaker and high roller, was banned at the end of the same year under the same “for bumhunt” terms. Now that he knows PokerOK “is virtually the only room for cash games at high limits, at least for him,” he has a good chance of getting back into the game. 

A Poker Integrity Council spokesperson on reddit said that although the worst offenders (presumably hint and bot users) have little chance of being reinstated, all applications would be reviewed on an individual basis.




  • This text discusses the amnesty process launched by the GG Network Council, allowing banned players in the network to apply for reinstatement. The Poker Integrity Council will review applications, but only those who meet certain criteria have a chance of being forgiven and accessing the site’s games again.

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