Almost got physical during a heads-up match at the Bellagio casino

Famous poker players who have made a name for themselves in the game frequent the Bellagio casino. Almost every day, high rollers come to the once known as “Bobby’s Room” but now called “Legends Room” to show off their poker talents to other players.

It’s no secret that there might be tension amongst some of the participants. Disputes between poker players often escalate into verbal exchanges, but sometimes they get physical as well.

Casino brawls, like the one that happened a few years ago at King’s Casino, are now commonplace, but they still get a lot of interest from the poker world.

The narrative, though, is about a virtual fight that almost escalated into a real-life boxing contest at the Bellagio. Matt Berkey and Nick Airball, two poker players, were at the heart of it all. After some back-and-forth insults on Twitter, these two decided to settle their differences with a heads-up poker showdown. The cash game would last 100 hours, and the blinds would be $200/$400.

Berkey approached Airball and started teasing him before the first session even began. Nick pushed his opponent away and implied that he needed to demonstrate his might at the poker table.

I’m not familiar with MMA scoring, but because I agreed to act as an arbitrator, I’m going to give Berkey 1.5 points.

Last update: March 31, 2023 – Phil Galfond (@PhilGalfond)

American poker star Phil Galfond joked about their matchup, saying, “I don’t know how scoring works in MMA, but I committed to judging, so I’m awarding 1.5 points for Berkey.” There are many more hours of play ahead, but Berkey is the one to follow.

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  • This text discusses famous poker players who frequent the Bellagio casino and their disputes that sometimes escalate into physical confrontations. It also mentions a virtual fight between Matt Berkey and Nick Airball, which they decided to settle through a 100-hour poker showdown. American poker star Phil Galfond joked about the matchup, awarding 1.5 points to Berkey.

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    This text discusses the presence of famous poker players at the Bellagio casino, highlighting disputes that can occur between them, sometimes escalating to physical altercations. It also mentions a virtual fight between two players, Matt Berkey and Nick Airball, that led to a 100-hour heads-up poker game.

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