21 Spanish players have won the weekly PokerStars Super Thursday event.

21 Spanish players have won the weekly PokerStars...

PokerStars’ Super Thursday features regular events.

Red Spade Room hosted 9 events with a total prize pool of over €182,000. The prize pool for each event is over €10,000. The Spanish team has yet to win any such MTT.

La Roja won a whopping 21 regular PS MTTs (smaller events) yesterday. These are the winning Spanish teams:

PKO rios20 Turbo €10.

*” ActuarioArg” (PKO 5€ Turbo).

“SuperStack 5€” (H2K Perna).

“jburgos1” (3 PKO) sold.

Expression “fortea88” (PKO £10 Turbo).

PokerKingsOnline €5 6-Max “cuchipoker95”.

“tramek1990” (three euro SuperStack).


Name: “miguelman1” (PKO €1 6-Max).

ayosema (PKO €10 6-Max).

, “ex-pro10” (PKO 5€ 6-Max).

“pedromelli7” (€50 PKO).

Powerhouse 1987 (Ultra KO, ten euros).

(one euro – coin) “sosa873.”

SuperStack 2€, *adri11111925. SuperStack 2€, adri11111925.

Coolstack84 (€20/BB).

Max Wakai (Ultra KO Turbo 20€).

Turbo (PKO) “danielsagaro” (€5).

* Turbo (PKO) “danielsagaro” (€5).

JoaGya (PKO 5 € 6-Max).

* JoaGya (PKO 5 € 6-Max).

SuperStack 10€ Turbo, username “meteorologo1”. “

PKO 3-Euro 6-Max Hyper “PsychoAnhell. ”

One Euro New Look High Risk (vito1980s).

The Spanish team has a positive HU balance (won in 15 seconds) for his 5 doubles (listed in the table) 16 wins). (With an asterisk).

Here is a summary of the results of the regular event with five-figure prize money:

Vladimir Isaev (PKO €10 6-Max cash prize of €1,282.13. Entry: 1,213. Mexican prize money of €10,917.

There’s a new FoxFireAhri in town and they are Bigger 50€. Cash prize 2,892.92€! Number of entries: 369. Total prize money 16,605€ (from France).

A rrrrrruD (small thunder 10€. Prize money: 2,690.64€. Total cash prize: 2,880 Euros. Number of entrants: 2,880. France (prizes in euros): €25,920.

Ridiculous (Thunder, €50). Prize money: €4,249.71. Number of entrants: 676. Number of entrants: 676. Prize pool for Brazil Prize money is €30,420.

Fearless1 (standard price $250) Starry Night. 143 participants, total prize money is €6,362.04. Participants: 143; Location: Malta; Prize money: €33,248.

BB £10. Number of entries: 1,304; Prize money: £1,139.41. Prize money: £11,736 (Brazil).

Prize money: £160.00; Number of entries: 652. Maionese PB ( BB 20 pounds). Prize money: 11,736 pounds (Brazil).

Big bang Stroposauce field: 483 euros. Price: 3,389.27 euros. Total: 50 euros. Total prize money: 21,735 euros. Origin: France.

bv97 (£10 Bounty Night. The total value of the prizes is €2,081.42. There were 2,252 participants and the total prize money was €2,252. The total prize money was €20,268 (from Portugal)).

The much-anticipated PokerStars returns to regular action today. VGL, Espaoles! European League will be the competition.

Who plays responsibly. Underage Poker Players Violated the law.

21 Spanish players have won the weekly PokerStars...


  • This text provides information about the PokerStars Super Thursday events, including the total prize pool and the winning Spanish teams. It also mentions the return of PokerStars to regular action and emphasizes the importance of responsible gambling.

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