11 pots won in KSOP GGPoker Special satellite; confira

There are already 37 days till the start of the KSOP GGPoker Special in Balneário Cambori, and many players have already confirmed their attendance by claiming seats and packages using GGPoker satellites.

After the first satellite on Sunday (12) gave away an incredible 18 gifts, the organizers knew they had to up the ante for Monday’s (13). Well-known figures from the national poker scene were ecstatic to announce their attendance at the KSOP GGPoker Special, increasing the number of guaranteed packages from seven to eleven.

There were 172 participants and a $115 entry fee for the competition. Brener Vicente, a native of Santa Catarina, is one of the players who bought into the platform and had his real identity made public; he is expected to cause a lot of problems at the tables.

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In addition to “SevenSkin” Sean Iazdi, “Kolestation” Leandro Kolesny, “SICK0 M0DE” Kim de Sousa, “JohnnyStar8” Bernardo Peters, “GOAT7” Jonathan Rosa, and “Sambalele” Ricardo Nascimento made the cut. Lastly, “everything to play for,” “Neko Mundo,” “nandinho33,” and “mataPRO” were also winners whose identities remained concealed.

The winners received 11 nights’ stay at the D’Sintra hotel for one guest and the R$3,500 Main Event buy-in, which had a guaranteed prize pool of R$5,000,000. The ExpoCentro in Balneário Cambori will host the KSOP GGPoker Special from April 20-30.

Kim de Sousa and Sean Iazdi

Among of the contenders include Sean Iazdi and Kim de Sousa.

The 11 classifieds are as follows.

“nothing to lose”

The “Neko World”


“SICK0 M0DE,” Kim de Sousa.

A. Brener Vicente

“Kolestation” by Leandro Kolesny.


SevenSkin, aka Sean Iazdi.

Jon “GOAT7” Rosa.

John “JohnnyStar8” Peters Bernardo.

Author: Ricardo Nascimento “Sambalele”

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  • This text provides information about the upcoming KSOP GGPoker Special in Balneário Cambori, including the number of confirmed attendees and winners from satellite tournaments. It also mentions well-known players who will be participating and the prizes they will receive.

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